Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Accountancy is fun!

It can't be denied that accountancy is typically deemed as a dull and being subject which can be as much fun as watching paint dry. However, creativity and memory trainer and accountancy educator Jeyaraman Seenivasagam, a Tony Buzan licensed instructor, begs to differ. Using the right methods, learning accounting can be exhilarating and life-changing. An experienced tutor for over twenty years, Jeyaraman has had great success teaching accounting, math and English and even history,scienece, law and engineering. 

By applying creative learning and memory training techniques among other methods, his student have become more efficient and effective learners who require less study time and achieve improved grades. To date, he has coaches close to 50000 students including adults in eight countries. How does he do it? One critical step to make learning fun. ‘Learning is a fun and enjoyable experience. In any subject matter, student come into contact with concepts an principle that can challenge the mind more vigorously. When concepts become too abstract, the student will experience mental fatigue. This in turn leads to a lack of understanding and in time, loss of interest to learn any further’. Explained Jeyaraman via email.

Teachers today must understand that modern students have shorter attention spans. As such, Jeyaraman says that it is important to be constantly creative in the teaching approach.  Be more enthusiastic and capitalize on your strength to give refreshing break to your students. If you are a musically inclines person, you might want to create a jingle to remember certain accounting principles. If your personal interest is languages, you could share some meaningful quotes with your students to think about till you see them next. Remember, do anything and try everything to break the monotony.

sources-Accountancy today